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Elco and Kenta Gearmotor Parts



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ELCO And KENTA Gear Motors Parts Online Store

Slush Machine Maintenance and Cleaning Supplies

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NSF Approved Food Grade Lube

Stera-Sheen Green Label Sanitizer

Faby 16 Pieces Maintenance Kit

Condenser Cleaning Kit

There are two manufacturers of Frozen Drink Auger drive gear motors

 Elco gear motors - Used in GBG, FSM, Faby, Sencotel, Cofrimell slush machines. Elco gears have

 bearings on each side of the gear. There are two plastic 1st and 2nd and gears . The fist gear has 19 mm bearing one on each side and the 2nd gear has 13 mm bearing one on each side.

 Kenta gear motors - Used in Faby, SPM and Elmeco slush machines.  Kenta gears do not have any
 bearings. They slide on axle pins molded in the gear box case. The new improvement introduced 
 includes the second gear in stainless metal. This reduces the risk of cracked flange or chipped teeth in the gear.
 Kenta gear motors has fan mounted on the Rotor shaft.The fan air prevents stator from over heating.
The complete gear motors are relatively economical. We sell new KENTA and ELCO gear motors and also sell individual gear motor parts.

      Pictures of Elco and Kenta gear motors and parts are listed below.

Identify the correct gear for your gear motor from the following

            Elco gearmotor components - for all models except Elmeco 1st Class.  Elco gears are always with bearings on both sides.


 stator elco gearmotor 120v.jpg

 eg-3 elco 3rd gear1.png

eg-2 elco 2nd gear.jpg 

elco 1st  gear.jpg

Elco Rotor for all Elco gearmotors (Excluding Elmeco 1st Class)  

Elco Stator 115/230V 

Elco 3rd Gear All Elco gearmotors(Not for Elmeco 1st Class) 

 Elco 2nd Gear with 13mm Bearing

Elco 1st Gear with 19mm Bearing

        Gearmotor components for Elmeco 1st Class only, identified with letters 'EFC' Two on the left from Kenta and two on the right from Elco

kg1-efc kenta 1st gear for elmeco 1st class.jpg



eg1 elco 1st gear for elmeco 1st class only.jpg

KG1-EFC Kenta 1st gear (No bearings) for Elmeco 1st Class only

KG2 - EFC Kenta 2nd gear (No bearings) for all slush machines including Elmeco 1st Class

EG2-EFC - Elco 2nd gear (with bearings) for Elmeco 1st Class only

EG1-EFC Kenta 2nd gear (with bearings) for Elmeco 1st class only

Gearmotor Parts Online Store

 Kenta gears for all slush machines - Kenta gears do NOT have bearings on the sides.

 pgl petrol gel 4-oz.  food grade lube.jpg

kenta 1st  gear.jpg


 PetrolGel Heavy duty lubricant. Apply inside gear box and on the gears like cream cheese on a Bagel.

 Kenta 1st Gear for all Kenta gearmotors (Excluding Elmeco 1st Class)  Kenta 2nd Gear for all slush machines includingElmeco 1st Class




Other parts for Elco gearmotors


 elco gear motor1.jpg


egrk4 elco gear repair kit with one each 1st gear 19 mm -2nd gear 13mm +gasket & petrol gel.png

Wire Adapter 6 Pin to 3 Pin

ELCO Gear Motor (Faby and SPM, 120V)

Elco 4th Gear without bearings

Elco Gearmotor Repair Kit - 4 Pieces (1st Gear with 13mm Bearing)




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kenta gm.jpg


kenta gm exploded diag..jpg

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