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Faby Frozen Drink Machine Parts



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Faby Frozen Drink Machine Cleaning Supplies and Maintenance Kits

fgl-2 lubri-film.jpg

ssg sanitizer.jpg


4-pc. condenser cleaning kit tn1.jpg

FGL-2 Food Grade Lube

Stera-Sheen Green Label Sanitizer

Faby Maintenance Kit

Condenser Cleaning Kit

Faby Frozen Drink Machine Operating Manual and Technical Specifications




       Faby Specifications

  Operating Manual

 Wiring Vertical Auger Motor



Faby 2 - Old style Push handle, rectangle drip trays and lids 

Faby 2 - New style Pull handle, drip trays and lids 

Faby Parts Online Store

5.04 faby push handle-.jpg

5.03 pull handle new.jpg

1.08 faby vertical mixer.jpg

2.05 faby suction bushing kit1.png

4-pc bushing kit.jpg

5.04P Push type Handle

5.04BL Pull Handle Black

Vertical Auger (pair)

Suction Seal Kit

Bowl Bushing Kit

2.00 faby auger-20.jpg

5.07 - f015 faucet plunger with o-ring & bottom plug.jpg

5.08-6 faby faucet o-rings kit.jpg

5.05 - f013 handle fixing pin.jpg

5.06 f014 faucet spring-pair.jpg

Auger Spiral - WHITE

Tap Plunger Assy. 3 Piece Kit

5.08 Tap o-ring (6) -

Tap Handle Pin

Tap Spring

display sign.png

4.10 elco gearmotor 115v front view.jpg

4-pc. elco gearmotor repair kit.jpg

4.32  gearmotor wire adapter tn.jpg

2.01 bowl red..jpg

Display Sign (old)

ELCO Gearmotor

Gear Motor Repair Kit

WA623-Wire Adapter 6 to 3 Pin

10 Liter Bowl

3.09- f032  screw for cover.png

4.07  microswitch.jpg

defrost timer.png

elco condenser fan motor 120v 9w tag side-.jpg

Lid Screws pair


Defrost Timer

Condenser Fan Motor 115V 9Watt

1.01-f001 old faby front lid assy blue.jpg

1.01-f001rcb rear lid assy complete sm.jpg

1.01-f001 front upper lid old 25.jpg

1.01 front lid cover upper.png

1.001-f001b front upper cover hinged black new-.jpg

Front Lid Old Style Blue

Rear Lid Complete Old Style Blue

Front Lid Upper Blue

New Front Lid Upper Hinged

New Front Lid Upper Hinged

 1.01-f005n front lower cover new.png

3.06 evaporator support.png  3.02 - f019 bowl gasket sm.jpg 7.01-f039 upper drip tray blue-.png

 Lower Lid Support

Evaporator Support

Bowl Gasket

Condensation Tray

7.26 faby  slush-off-drink switch.jpg

faby rocker switch.jpg

new faby drip tray sm.jpg

faby drip tray with cover other view.png

7.35 On-Off Switch 22x30

7.36 On-Off Switch 11x30

7.09/7.10N Circular Drip Tray w/Cover

7.09/7.10 Rectanguler Drip Tray w/Cover Blue

Faby Parts Online Store



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