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Crathco Wilch Freezer



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Wilch 3311 Parts Online Store

Wilch 3311 and 3312 Cleaning Supplies and Maintenance Kits

fgl-2 lubri-film.jpg

ssg sanitizer.jpg


4-pc. condenser cleaning kit tn1.jpg

FGL-2 Food Grade Lube

Stera-Sheen Green Label Sanitizer

Faby Maintenance Kit

Condenser Cleaning Kit

Crathco Wilch 3311 Parts and Wiring Diagram




Wilch 3311 Parts Diagram

Wilch 3311 Operating Manual

Wilch 3311 Wiring Diagram - Air Cooled

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Click here to order Wilch 3311 and 3312 parts online

w0450209 v-belt + lube.png

w0304201 shaft seal.png

w0340022 o-ring + lube.jpg

w0570910 toggle switch.jpg

w0570912 toggle switch  240v.jpg

W0450209 V-Belt+Seal+lube

W0304201 Shaft seal

 W0340022 Faucet O-ring Kit

Toggle switch

W0570912 Toggle switch 9-pin

w0430032 front stator flg bearing+lube.bmp

w0430024 rear stator flg bearing + lube.jpg

w0320214 wilch fan motor.png

w0570018 low mix indicator light.jpg

W0430032  Shaft    front bushing 

W0430024  Shaft rear bushing

W0320214 Condenser fan motor

W0570018 Mix low lights

w0631230 disp valve spring.jpg

w0570651 compressor delay relay-2-.png

universal relay another view.png

w0340055 seal f-valve body + lube.png

Disp. valve spring kit

 W0570651 Compressor delay relay $28.00

 Universal relay $38.00

 W0340055 Valve body O-ring

w0630711 wilch d-knob pair.png

mercury switch.jpg

w0320286 wilch fan motor.jpg

 W0630711 Knob fasteners

W0570901 Mercury switch

 W0320286 Fan Blade

bearing half inch.png


w0340055 disp. valve o-ring.jpg

w0480450 valve body.jpg

W0380025 Pillow block bearing 1"

W0380009 Pillow block Bearing 1/2"

W0340055 Dispensing valve O-ring

 W0480450 Valve body $294.84

w0320030 franklin motor.png

w0460263 drip tray 3311 120v.jpg

w0472063 drip tray cover.jpg

 W0320020 Franklin Motor 220V 

 W0460263 Drip tray $34.95

 W072063 Cover drip tray

 w0480463 plunger 5000 series.jpg

 slush plunger.png

 faucet plunger111.png

 w0480445 wilch disp handle.jpg

 w0451067 drive shaft.jpg

 W0480463 Plunger 5000

 W0480451 Plunger  thick product 3000

W0480438 Plunger standard (Slush)

 W0480445 Dispensing Handle

W0451067 Drive shaft


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