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Crathco Beverage Dispenser Cleaning Supplies and Maintenance Kits

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FGL-2 Food Grade Lube

Stera-Sheen Green Label Sanitizer

Faby Maintenance Kit

Condenser Cleaning Kit

Crathco Beverage Dispensers Operating Manual and Parts Diagram





    Crathco Beverage Dispensers Operating Manual

   Crathco Beverage Dispensers Specification

   Pre-mix Service Manual

    D-models Parts Diagram

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 Impeller (Red) Use new #3587 Black Impeller

3587 impeller black tn.jpg 

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Dispensing valve (Stainless) 

 1010- disp valve piston tn.jpg

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 Dispensing valve with O-ring

 1010a- disp valve piston tn.jpg

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O-ring dispensing valve Set of two + Lube 1-Oz. 

 3-pc kit (2-faucet piston o-rings+lube).jpg

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Dispensing valve O-ring. 6-pack with lube 1-Oz. tube

 7-pc kit crathco (6-faucet piston o-rings+lube)tn.png

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 Bowl gasket standard model D15; D25; D35

 1013 bowl gasket std. bowl.png

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Thermostat 115V 

1059 crathco thermostat another view.png

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Pump motor 115V for D25 and D35 

 1068 pump motor.jpg

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Spray tube standard models (3gallons) 

1092 spray tubes 3-gal..png 

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 Cover single wall for 5 gallon bowl

1116 crathco cover for bowl single wall tn.jpg

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Pump motor 230V 

Image NA

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Bowl gasket for model D112 (Super bowl)  

1150 d112 bowl gasket tn.jpg 

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Cover bowl for model D-112Super bowl 

 1155 cover hopper d-112 tn.jpg

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Bowl for model D112 GM (Super bowl) without hardware 

1156 bowl d-112 without hardware tn.jpg

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Blue impeller for products with milk fat  

 1161m milk impeller blue tn.jpg

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 Pump cover for spray tube model D-112

 1257 agitator d112-.jpg

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Spray tube for model D-112 (Super bowl) 

1261 spray tube standard bowl11.png

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Agitator for model D-112 (Superbowl)

1257 agitator d112-.jpg 

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Spray tube Standard models 5 gallons. (Pair)

1092 spray tubes 3-gal..png

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Bowl standard  models 5 gallon

1288 bowl crathco standard models 5 gal..jpg

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